“Why are your digital collections so expensive?!”

Firstly let me say, I understand if you're frustrated, but I ask that you give me a chance to explain a bit.

This is the reason why my digital images cost more:



This is a Dairy cow.

(just go with me here)


A dairy cow costs about $1800.

This cow can produce 18,750 gallons of Milk in a lifetime


A dairy cow is the same as a high resolution digital images.

Dairy Cow = Digital Image

The cost to purchase a cow is much higher than the cost of a gallon of milk, but the cow continues to produce thousands of gallons over its entire lifetime.

The cost to purchase a digital image is much higher than the cost of a print, but one digital image can produce thousands of prints over an entire lifetime and beyond.


The reason why my digital collections and digital images are so “expensive”is because they are the source of all other forms of IMAGERY.




So let’s be honest, you don’t “need” a whole dairy cow, you just need one or two gallons of milk at a time.

And you don’t “need” digital images to enjoy a picture, you just need a high quality way to display the images you enjoy the most.

Gallon of Milk = Prints or Canvases


For the most part, I’m just like you. I have thousands of photos on my phone of loved ones and family and trips and scenery that I NEVER look at more than a few times a year.

However, I do surround my home with beautiful 8x10’s, matted 11x14’s, framed canvases, and stunning metal prints of

the BEST IMAGES that I have.

I would never put 40 images of my family from one photo session on my wall,

but I have created 5 stunning large canvases from the BEST IMAGES.

If I did want 40 images from the same photo session I would simply put them in a timeless, high quality, PHOTO ALBUM.

This album would be something I could pass down through generations; like my parents and grandparents did.


I confidently believe that 5-10 of THE BEST images from your photo session are far more valuable than 40+ images that sit on a hard drive somewhere.



So again, I want to express to you that I understand. The picture world at large has pushed a digital agenda for many years now. Everything we own has a camera and everything has more and more storage for the digital images that we capture.

However, I believe that passing down a 64GB iPhone to our grandchildren isn’t valuable or timeless. I believe that we are supposed to fill our walls and our lives with our most cherished memories.

I believe in remembering our lives in a more beautiful way.


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