Engagement: Tylar + Janelle

You know how when you are in public and see two people who you can tell are just enamored with each other, Tylar and Janelle are those two people, and their love is so fun to be around! I wanted to find a way to show off their individual style while at the same time allowing them to feel comfortable, and I think I can call "Mission Accomplished". 17 Mile House Farm Park in Parker, CO turned out to be a perfect location to start our day together. We laughed and talked and genuinely had a great time taking photos! Afterward we adventured over to a baseball field to juxtapose Tylar's baseball passions with Janelle's love of Tylar! All in all it was a wonderful day! I am honestly so excited to be capturing their wedding day in August! Congratulations Tylar and Janelle!

- Seth J