Seth J. Allen

Owner/Wedding Photographer


I am Seth J. Allen. I am a photographer specializing in wedding photography with a focus on candid lifestyle portraiture. I am wobbly and weak-kneed man who knows he doesn’t have it all together but who isn’t too proud to accept the handout of amazing grace. I grew up in Alabama, but no, I don’t usually have an accent. I currently live in Colorado with my beautiful wife and my little bird (daughter). I have been pursuing photography for the better part of a decade, firstly in Phoenix, AZ and now here in Colorado.

I love to travel and I love traveling with my camera! I have traveled the world and I have lived in 4 different countries outside the USA! I would have to say that my absolute favorite place to photograph was New Zealand, and I hope that one day I will find myself back there!

I am a laid back type of guy. I've owned motorcycles, enjoy snowboarding, and I’m irrationally passionate about ice hockey. I love learning and I am constantly looking for an opportunity to capture photos of people in their natural, most comfortable environments. My approach to photography is “come just as you are”. I have found that the most beautiful, timeless, and cherished photos come from real moments, in real life. I loves to create unique works for clients seeking something beautiful, artistic, emotional and real.

My hope, as your photographer, is that I may always be a blessing in our interaction and the quality of my photos.